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Tales Likes Dislikes
Ancient egyptians 00
Progressive paradise 00
Cossacks learned the hard way 00
Peculiar signals 00
Exact time 10
A good bath feels like it lasts a thousand years 00
The underground system of signs and mirrors 00
On the importance of fasting and collective responsibility 00
The will of Prometheus 00
The head of my friend 00
Iron men 00
Our people are everywhere 00
The miracle men 00
The Great Ra and walkers 00
Projects of the millennia 00
Space spaghetti 00
How to deceive the Spirit? 00
About measuring systems 00
On Sinful Thoughts and Motivations 00
On the transmigration of souls and the difference between good and evil 00
Radioactive pep (let’s charge it up!) 10
On unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and dinosaurs 00
On the transmission of ideas over distance 00
Lives of illegals within our empire 00
Our dear and beloved people! 00
Judgment day 00
On Culture and the Arts 00
New Year, New Encounters 00
Tongues of pagans 00
Clairvoyant nonsense 10
Clairvoyant nonsense 2 00
Clairvoyant nonsense 3 00
Clairvoyant nonsense 4 00
Protection of intellectual property 00
The conquest of the Cosmos 00
Truth and lies in the press and on TV 00
On Vows, Lunches, and Promised Lands 00
How pilots in Vietnam fired on-board machine guns at old ladies 00
Why did Baba Yaga eat the virgins? 00
About hunting in the Stone Age 00
Church and state 00
Electric cars 00
About justice and equality 00
Self-disclosure 00
About medicine and drugs 00
On satellites, navigation systems, traffic congestion, and gasoline 20
Changing the Motherland or Betraying the Motherland, or, as it seems to you, more definitively 00
About the planet Nibiru, out-of-body experiences, and the unhappy humanoids 20
A little about evolution 10
How do we transport sources of energy into space, and what generally happens there? Where do the starships fly, and where is the edge of the observable universe? 00
Who created Google Maps, and what technology enabled us to browse the electronic graphic mapping interface? 00
Fairy tale about the “here and now” 00