About This Resource


Visiting our web site may lead to a uncontrolled chain of circumstances IN YOU and AROUND YOU. We cannot be responsible for any collateral damage that will happen.


Me and my family of friends are striving to create a unique resource that will have a goal of gathering interesting and previously unexposed information about our existence on this planet. We are sure there're some unknown and unrealized facts that surround us. We aim to unveil mystery on the following topics:

Our current initiative is TO BRING UNDERSTANDING of our goals. This is not easy, such understanding WILL COME to those who will LISTEN and PARTICIPATE.

  1. Evolution and what could've influenced it.
  2. Myths, gods, synchronicities, parallel realities and dimensions, space, thoughts, manifestations of "I AM" inside and outside of us.
  3. Miracles and science: can they exist together?
  4. End of world and crash of civilization: how possible, and is that near?
  5. Religion, how it appeared, what caused it to happen.

We're looking for LIKE-MINDED individuals who will participate in this initiative. Money gathered here will NOT be spent just on anything, rather than keeping our goals and supporting those who will take part in it.

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Thank you!
Sincerely yours,

Nd. K. Welsh and friends.

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